Choosing Your Wedding Hair Styles

Choosing Your Wedding Hair Style

Choosing your wedding hairstyle may be fear provoking. You want to look the best for your very special day and need help to decide what will look best. The objective must be to find a style that suits you and that you feel comfortable with, whilst at all times looking amazingly fabulous. And those clever stylist people can achieve this for you. Before you commission your stylist, consider these points.

Choosing your Hairstyle
Very often the theme of your wedding can help determine your wedding hairstyle. A contemporary dress and funky flowers will look complete with a hairstyle that’s also very modern. If you are planning something more radical, such as colouring, perming or a change in hair length, do consider this carefully, especially if you have never had a perm or colour. Avoid the idea of surprising your guests with your new look on the day, if you are planning such a change in your hairstyle make sure you do this about 8 weeks before the wedding day. Sort through old photographs of yourself with different hairstyles to see what really suits you. Look at pictures of wedding hairstyles and start collecting some ideas. Consider the time of day and type of wedding when choosing a style. Loose styles are appropriate for informal or daytime weddings, while up-dos portray a formal, evening look. Keep the pictures of the styles you like so that you can show them to your stylist, who will be able to help you think objectively when looking at ideas. Consider your hair type, is it long enough/ straight/ thick for the styles you are looking at.

The fundamentals
Try to get things done in the correct order. You will need to have chosen your dress before you consider what head wear you will be going for. In order for your stylist to be able to practice some styles with you, they will need to know what accessories you are having. If you have chosen a large floor-length veil, your hairstyle needs to be sturdy enough to hold its shape. Consider where you will be wearing the veil, some look better toward the front of the head and others toward the back; this is very important when considering your hairstyle. Beautiful hair can be styled around your tiara and turn an ordinary style into something quite magnificent. If you are not wearing a veil or tiara, consider decorating your hair style with beading or flowers. These are always popular as they add extra sparkle and colour and can tie in with your colour scheme and jewellery. Pins and hair-grips with sparkling gems in the ends have a stunning effect, whilst small flowers can be scattered amongst curls

What’s right for you?
One of the biggest dilemmas is whether to wear the hair up or down. Long faces are complemented with hairstyles that balance this out with a little volume to the side. Round faces work oppositely and require height with the hair, so wearing the hair up would compliment this face shape. some hairstyles can add inches to a bride’s height, and shorter brides may want to use this to their advantage. Remember to try and pick a style that reflects your individual style, consider that those wedding photo’s will still be on the mantelpiece in 20 years time, so fashion does not count for too much with wedding hair. Ask yourself some basic questions. Would you be comfortable with all your hair pulled away from your face? Consider having some hair up and some down, or leaving wispy bits aroundyou face to soften. If you have a low-cut or off-the-shoulder dress will you feel comfortable with a little flesh exposed? If you have any pictures of your dress show these to your hairdresser, alternatively describe the style of neckline your dress has as this will affect how you should wear your hair.

Once you have decided to wear you hair up or down, the possibilities are unlimited. Soft curls look pleasing and traditional. Contemporarily straight hair can add a zest, and the romantic bun either elegant with whisps falling down or formal. These looks are all fabulous and can be made individually you by adding your headdress or hair accessories which should compliment your hairstyle not hide it. Seek your stylist’s advice on what would really suit you and get them to try out a few different looks.

Help your stylist help you
Get an appointment with your stylist as soon as possible to discuss plans for the day.
If you have a Polaroid or digital camera take a couple shots so you can compare the different looks.
While you’re anxiously waiting for your wedding day to arrive, look after your hair so that it is in great shape when the day arrives.
Find out if you need to grow your hair length, improve the condition with conditioning treatments, change the colour or have some highlights
Get your hair trimmed regularly so that it is in great condition
Seek advice on how you should prepare your hair on the day, perhaps your hairdresser would prefer to work on your hair without it just being washed. The stylist may also be able to give you some tips

Good Luck

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