Wedding Day Makeup

Wedding Day Makeup

When considering your Wedding Day Makeup, the idea is to achieve a natural appearance that takes into consideration your own colours, and highlights whilst complimenting your best features. Your makeup should look even and natural in both the flesh and on your photos. Enough makeup is required to show up through flash photography but without appearing heavy in the flesh.

If you have a good foundation then your skin will look flawless without making you look like a porcelain doll. Thanks to modern hairdressing skills, there are no hard fast rules about colouring, for example you can have someone with dark skin and blond hair that would not have the same colours as someone who is naturally blond with fair skin.

Brunettes tend to be the easiest to cater for as they suit most colours and can wear a deeper foundation to colour any blemishes.

Natural blonds tend to need very natural colours with a touch of warmth to prevent them looking washed out on the photos.

Redheads quite often have very pale skin with freckles, these features should be worked with rather than trying to hide them or else you will end up looking over made and unnatural.

Think Timeless or Time warp

If you are a bride that is totally dedicated to fashion, has got every latest trend from the catwalk and have spent thousands on a designer dress, then you will want your makeup to reflect this and are more likely to go with a trend. However, if like the majority of brides, you want a timeless look that you can gaze back on in years to come and still love what you see, then more traditional, natural makeup is for you. Natural makeup that accentuates your best features is much more flattering both up close and on photos to a high fashion trend.

Think Ahead

As most weddings take place at the weekend, makeup artists will become booked quite early. Mobile makeup artists often work on their own and will be catering for the entire bridal party in succession. For this reason they will only book in one wedding a day. Salons may have more than one makeup artist and so the party can be finished quicker but they often will not offer a mobile service and so means that you will have to travel on the day. To avoid disappointment you should be looking at booking your makeup artist six months prior to your wedding.

A makeup artist will be able to consider all aspects of the makeup, such as the Brides natural colours, and any colour themes she may have. They will understand how to accentuate her best features while hiding any blemishes that appear on the day. They will also be able to give advice on skin care routines to ensure that your skin is in the best possible condition for the day.

Think Quality

The main difference between cheaper shop brought products and the ones that professionals use is the quality. Higher quality products give a smoother, longer lasting finish. Cheaper products can look good when first applied but you will find that they need topping up throughout the day and will not look as smooth on the skin.

When applied correctly your makeup should remain in place all day with only minimal reapplication being required such as lipstick and lip-gloss. These products will fade throughout the day with the excess wear caused by kissing, eating and drinking. If you have very oily skin you may be advised to carry a compact of translucent powder with you to dab off any excess oil without removing your makeup.

Think Experience

The application time will vary depending on your makeup artist and the desired finished effect. Consider allowing 45 minutes for the bride and 30 minutes for each bridesmaid and mothers. This gives the time for a quick facial and your makeup to be applied. If you have not had a trial you may need to allow a little longer for each person to allow for alterations if anyone is unhappy.

Although your best friend can do you makeup for free she is not the best person to do it for you. She will not have the experience to take into consideration your colours and may not know how to apply the makeup so that it remains in place all day. It is very difficult to be honest with friends, you could end up looking like a porcelain doll but find yourself saying “ooh, I look fantastic” and then cringing at your photos for years to come. A professional makeup artist will listen to your likes and dislikes and correct any areas you feel uncomfortable with, after all you are paying for their time and experience.

Think Trial

A trial is not always necessary, it is however, highly recommended. It is the ideal time for you to meet the person who is going to be doing one of the finishing touches to your outfit. You makeup artist will need to take into consideration your colours and themes to ensure you feel happy with what she has done. She will also be able to give advice on skin care routines. You would not walk into the hairdressers and expect them to know exactly what you want and do it perfectly without any trial so why would you expect it from your makeup artist?

If you have had a trial then you should have no fears of feeling unhappy with the results on the day as all problems should have been sorted out before hand. If however you did not have a trail and find yourself faced with something you are unhappy with then speak up. Do not allow the makeup artist to leave until you feel satisfied, if you do you will end up trying to correct it yourself and could end up looking and feeling worse. A professional makeup artist should listen to any dislikes you have and should be able to make minor alterations so that you feel happy with the end result.

Think Teardrops

Most makeup artists will apply a waterproof mascara which should stay in place no matter how many tears flow. There are many thickening mascaras on the market now days and if you makeup artists feel that you need one of these to accentuate your eyes, she may apply one with a final layer of waterproof mascara to seal it.

Think Scenarios

The most common question I am asked is “what happens if you are ill on the day and can’t make it?” Although I am an independent consultant, I work for a company that has many other trained makeup artists within my area, if the worst were to happen I would find a replacement for you. In the 3 years and 24 weddings I have done so far, I have never missed one, including the bride and four bridesmaids I did three days before giving birth to my daughter (she was 3 weeks early, I would never have booked in that close to my due date!).

Think do’s and dont’s

• Do have a trial – it will be money worth spent ensuring both you and your makeup artist feel comfortable on the day of the wedding.
• Do take any advice your makeup artist gives you, especially where skincare routines are concerned, it really can make a big difference to you skin and makeup on the day.
• Do get your bridesmaids / mum involved, they will help you with making decisions about the final look
• Don’t have your eyebrows waxed or plucked the day of your wedding, have them done at least 24, preferably 48 hours before hand. It is very difficult to cover up red, blotchy skin!
• Don’t expect miracles – you makeup artists can only work with what you provide her with. She will be ale to cover spots and small blemishes but will not be able to perform a facelift for you.

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