Your Wedding Day

Your Wedding Day

Filled with nerves and full of excitement, your wedding day has arrived. This is one of the happiest days of your life. All the hard work and preparation for this perfect day has at times been a worry. But today you are taking a fresh breath filled with excitement. Looking in the mirror dressed in a perfectly tailored wedding gown, your hair is fresh and immaculately groomed and you are holding the most beautiful arrangement of hand tied, scented flowers that makes this special moment precious.

But the car is late, the buttonhole for your dad has been misplaced, the ushers are nowhere to be found, your youngest bridesmaid has spilt lemonade all over her dress, the best man has forgotten the rings at the hotel, and the ceremony starts in ten minutes.

A nightmare scenario which all too often becomes very real, and can cause unnecessary stress precisely when you least need it. The solution, as with most things on that day, is meticulous planning, sensible delegation of tasks, and clear briefing of the people involved. As the bride to be, you will feel the desire to organize every last detail yourself from beginning to end, yet you will want to know that on the day, any unforeseen problems can be dealt with without your involvement. After all, the only thing you want to be involved with is looking gorgeous, radiant, and blissfully happy!

Planned in advance, even down to the tiniest thing; seemingly insignificant details can become major headaches if left to the last minute, so whether it’s your wedding dress or your hair clips, make the arrangements as far ahead of time as possible. Get help: lighten the load by delegating tasks, but choose your helpers carefully, an inefficient (or emotional!) helper can be counter productive. Give clear briefs: make sure everyone knows their role, and is singing from the same hymn sheet, so to say! Try and appoint a trouble-shooter for the day, someone who should be aware of all the arrangements in detail, have a cool head, and who will step in if a problem arises. A friend or close relative can work well in that role, but check that they are prepared to take on that responsibility, and perhaps forfeit some of their own enjoyment in the process. Employ a toast master to make all the announcements for you during the reception such as when to take your seats for dinner, and when the speeches will begin. This takes away the strain of arranging everyone, and allows you to relax. Reconfirm arrangements and times with all the suppliers one week to one day before your wedding (e.g. are the flowers being delivered or are they being picked up?)

Alternatively, you may wish to employ a professional wedding coordinator, who will take on the above tasks on the day for you. An established coordinator should have the experience, the local knowledge, the contacts, and the personal touch to ensure that your wedding days flows as smoothly as fine Champagne!

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